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Athlean x burning fat abs, SPORT- WORKOUT

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It's because you do more "natty or not", or reaction videos such as this one, than you do for actual fitness based content. You also push your cookbooks really hard; which you've built a following and deserve to generate cash flow.

I am not knocking that.

retete hipocalorice slabit mă străduiesc cu adevărat să pierd greutatea

Just saying that much of the diet and cookbook information and underlying message is recycled from video to video. It'd be nice to hear about workout design, supplements to improve things such as lipids, etc etc.

cum să pierdeți axul de grăsime cum să pierdeți în greutate în 3 săptămâni

Instead you are pumping out quantity of content based on drama, instead quality content that is useful and fresh. I will continue to watch you, as I do enjoy when you do put out information based content.


I just wish you did far less of the drama based videos. StinaAcum 28 Zile "Multiple sources agree on the same thing, you have a higher chance of it being correct," this dude literally mixed up the word "Reliability" for "credibility" Paul Rinno GamboaAcum 28 Zile I rather hear more about steroids Jace RAcum 28 Zile Every man is alpha since birth.

There is no categories in men.

sigur pentru a pierde in greutate in timpul gravida cele mai înalte activități de ardere a grăsimilor

Some men walk with tag i am alpha on their forehead. Emanuel MatiasAcum 28 Zile Eating egg is as dangerous as smoking weed. You can't argue with those results, so stfu.

Burn Fat and Get a Six Pack (ONE WORKOUT!)