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Therefore, it will be discussed below the im- pact of its staying in the Lower Danube region after the Byzantine colonization of the Turkopouloi from and the reasons of its disappearance towards the middle of the 14th century.

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In addition, there must be said something about the importance of acculturation and the relevance of modern ethnographic testimo- nies in the absence of sufficient first hand written documents and archaeological evidence.

The same goes with the case study of the now-called Banat and Crişana provinces, occupied by the Ottoman Turks between and and ruled up until andrespectively.

Самый старый обитатель Эрли едва достиг двухсотлетнего возраста, и жить ему оставалось всего несколько лет. Олвин не мог не отметить про себя, что в этом возрасте его собственное тело едва ли претерпело бы какие-либо изменения, в то время как этот человек, у которого впереди не было целой цепочки жизней, воспринимаемой им как своего рода компенсацияпочти исчерпал свои физические силы. Волосы его были абсолютно белы, а лицо представляло небывало сложную сеть морщин. Похоже было, что большую часть времени он проводит, сидя на солнышке или медленно прогуливаясь по поселку, обмениваясь со всеми встречными беззвучными приветствиями.

For the sake of coherency of our analysis, we decided that it will be useful to discuss the two historical periods separately.

Istoria politico- militară a statului dinastiei AsanTârgovişte: Cetatea de Scaunpp. Engin, E. Franz Hamburg: Deutsches Orient Institutpp.

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Defremery, B. Sanguinetti, ed. VI, Bucharest: Editura Ştiinţificăp. Actes du Colloque du Collège de France, octobreed. Veinstein, Paris: Peetersp.

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Reinaud ed. Atanasie» muslimah slimming spa Niculiţel jud.

Он сразу же узнал Хедрона и не слишком обрадовался этому визиту.

Florilegium studiorum, ed. Popescu, Bucharest: Editura Academiei Românepp. Popa, Bucharest: Editura Ştiinţifică şi Enciclopedicăp.

Each and every map is pursuing its particular job, its specific incremental addition to the world, its reading of specific elements, components, details, of the world, its undoing of those same elements, specificities, particulars; while, simultaneously, pointing — insidiously and exuberantly — to that always overdetermined totality of all measures and things, that which we like to call reality. In fact, maps are keen on upsetting or unsettling our muslimah slimming spa in representations, stoutly declaring the intractable and inexorable fact that each map is a fragment, an exclusive and limited narrative, a small piece of the puzzle, a singular choice out of infinite possibilities of how to perform the task of mapping. Maps construct and deconstruct realities, they are propositions, suggesting certain paths, some possibilities, some particular options, within and about that vast glassy jumbled field which is our present even if the topic at hand is historical. However, mapping is not the road to mimesis, is not resemblance, not imitation or copy.

Contribuţia ginghizhanizilor la transformarea bazinului pontic în placă turnantă a comerţului euro-asiatic, Bucharest: Editura Enciclopedicăp. Popović, Un ordre des derviches, pp.

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Elian, Şerban Tanaşoca ed. Previously, I thought that the stories were meant for a rural audience because of the aforementioned causes.

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For the Christian interpretation, see Norris, Sufi Brotherhoods, p. As-Saraj managed to synthesize a reality pre- sent in the political, religious and economical life of the ulus for decades already, 40] For the Mongol dispute over Tabriz, see note As-Saraj suggested that the tariqa was on the verge of dissolution seven years after the death of Sarı Saltık, and his suc- cessor, Talâk, was the Sheikh of a shrinking community for almost two decades, even as the Byzantines regained the lost province and prohibited any missionary activities, just to initiate their own.

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Rockhill ed. After as-Saraj, there were muslimah slimming spa more mentions to be made regarding the pres- ence of the tariqa in Dobrudja, and facilități de pierdere în greutate arizona political context did not favour their mis- sionary cause. The local despots Dobrotici and Ivanko extended their domains in the northern area inhabited by Turks, followed by the Wallachian prince Mircea I.

The reasons may muslimah slimming spa on the very nature of the tariqa, one intimately observed by ethnographer Alexandre Popović. These observations are useful clues when dealing with the lesser known case study of the eyalets of Temesvar and Varat, especially in the parts inhabited by Romanians.

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Not even the his- toriography is generous with us, with only Cristina Feneşan and Adrian Magina having an interest in the interaction between Muslims and Romanians in the re- gions now called Banat and Crişana. Finally, as Cristina Feneşan pointed out that the two provinces were somewhat neglected by the Ottomans, by not committing sufficient resources like in occupied Hun- gary; thus, Islamization really intensified only after the war ofand for a short period of time, before the effective Austrian occupation of the eyalet of Temesvar in Some, like David Prodan, even if he studied the neighbouring, but valid Transylvanian case, enumerates factors like the abuses of noblemen in subjecting the serfs to increased field labour, the de- cline of financial resources after the fall of Byzantium and the spread of reform for education, and the degrading state of the Romanian priesthood, treated also as serfs.


In the light of more researched topic of the existence and dynamics of the order in Dobrudja, some more concrete in- 64] Feneşan, Cultura otomană, p.

See also Magina, De la excludere la coabitare, pp. Din istoria formării naţiunii române, Bucharest: Editura Enciclopedicăpp. Apart from that, nothing is known about its archaeological mark at the Lower Danube region or about its probable reappearance after the Ottoman conquest in the early 15th century. We thus must find the physical evidence to support the hypothesis.

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